Susan E. McLaughlin P.A.

     Undeniably, one of the factors that can improve the success of a business is the ability to look at the operations of the company at a particular point in time and use that information to make strategic business decisions to propel the business forward.  Unfortunately, small business owners are arguably some of the busiest people out there, and creating interim financial statements during the year is difficult for even the most organized owner.
     For my clients who choose to use financial software to aid them in their efforts, I am proficient in QuickBooks, and can consult with you to allow you to use it to your best advantage.  I can also create Excel templates unique to your needs.
      Keeping track of your business doesn’t have to be complex, but it is a crucial element to the successful operation of your business.  My services are available to assist you in choosing and implementing a system that meets your needs.