Susan E. McLaughlin P.A.

Federal Tax Preparation
    Preparing a quality tax return is about asking the right questions and listening to the answers my clients provide.  These questions are intended to identify tax deductions and credits that you may qualify for, but may not be aware of.  Once I get an overview of your situation, I can begin asking questions that can lead to finding hidden opportunities for tax savings.  And unlike some of the larger firms, the same person asking the questions and listening to the answers will be preparing the tax return, ensuring that no piece of information is overlooked.
     Each year, Congress passes new tax bills, and the IRS implements a multitude of changes.  My responsibility to my clients is to be knowledgeable of these changes on their behalf, and determine which, if any, may impact them.  I devote a large amount of time to staying abreast of the new tax laws throughout the year so that I can prepare your tax returns with expertise.  Combining extensive tax knowledge with a genuine concern for your well-being is my key to successful tax preparation.